Crop Trends

The world is eating more similarly, so what does the global average diet look like? Which crops have become the most important, and which have declined?
The graph at left shows the change over time in the number of countries that report each commodity as contributing to its food supply. The bar graph at right displays the global average change in the contribution of each commodity (i.e., changes in importance averaged across all countries), measured as the difference between current (2007 to 2009 average) and starting year (1961 to 1963 average) importance.
Select a measurement to view changes in the importance per commodity to calories, protein, fat, and food weight. Click “Relative” to see the change in contribution of each commodity in relation to the overall global average food supply, which has increased in total quantity over 50 years. “Absolute” displays the change in contribution of each commodity only in relation to itself. For each measurement, only commodities contributing 1% or more to food supply during the time period are displayed.

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by Sara Kammlade, Colin K. Khoury, Steven Sotelo, Harold Achicanoy, Anne Bjorkman, and Carlos Navarro-Racines. International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). Version 1.0 (March 2017).

This work is associated with the publication:

Khoury CK, Bjorkman AD, Dempewolf H, Ramírez-Villegas J, Guarino L, Jarvis A, Rieseberg LH and Struik PC (2014). Increasing homogeneity in global food supplies and the implications for food security. PNAS 111(11): 4001-4006. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1313490111.

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