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    About Sub-Saharan Africa

    A series of mini-green revolutions is taking place across sub-Saharan Africa, as farmers try new crop varieties and implement eco-efficient farming practices developed by CIAT and its partners to help maximize the potential of a region with great agricultural promise.
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    Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

    See the names of CIAT projects, together with brief descriptions, in particular research areas and regions of the developing world.
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    Seed Systems under Stress

    Natural or human-induced disasters, made worse by entrenched poverty, have become all too common in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Since disasters exact a high toll on the region’s predominantly smallholder agriculture, we work in partnership with relief and development agencies to identify and promote effective practices for strengthening seed systems.
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Latest News

Science to Cultivate Change

The world without beans: opinion piece

Opinion piece: Dr. Robin Buruchara, Director of the Pan-Africa Bean Research Alliance (PABRA).>

An ecosystems approach to the SDGs in Africa: why we need to listen to farmers

To address all the SDG’s, we’re going to need to think like farmers. That means taking a systems approach that includes all kinds of agro-ecological farm systems. This mantra echoed through all the sessions at the Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference: Ecosystem Services for SDGs in Africa. Goals, 2, 5, 6,>

Training workshop on LINK and value chains for nutrition

Capacity building on LINK and Value Chain for Nutrition in Normandy, France, in September 2016 (ACF-CIAT).>

Snack bars with a winning twist: beans in the international spotlight

When Harriet Aber entered the LovePulses Showcase competition with her special bean-amaranth energy bar, she never imagined it would take her from Uganda to Chicago.>
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