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Harvesting Results from the International Year of Soils

As 2015 draws to a close, so does the International Year of Soils. Research on soils is a critical pillar of CIAT’s work, as Center staff demonstrated throughout the year, in a global campaign that put soils at the forefront of issues ranging from food security and climate to biodiversity>

Not so dirt cheap

The coffee on your desk might never have arrived this morning. Deforestation rates in Ethiopia – one of the world’s top coffee exporters – are so high, records show, that forest is slashed from 40 to less than 3 percent of the country. As well as surviving deforestation, those most prized>

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Farmers film their homegrown solutions

In an unused school classroom in the dry, dusty village of Sekoti, Ghana, 11 community members gathered to learn how to make a video.  Many of them had never even used a camera before, much less operated a microphone. Participatory video is an empowering and creative process that allows those who>

Soil Organic Carbon and the 4‰ Initiative: Soils for food security and climate

By Deborah Bossio, CIAT Soils Research Area Director 2015 has been an exciting year for those of us engaged in research to support sustainable development of agriculture in the tropics.  The Sustainable Development Goals have been adopted, and incorporate goals for society, agriculture, and ecosystems, including the agendas of the>

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