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Throughout 2017, we have been celebrating CIAT’s 50th Anniversary and we have brought together our partners, donors, and the people behind the achievements of CIAT, as we reflect on the future of food and agriculture.

Following the regional celebrations in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 3–4 April; Nairobi, Kenya, on 29 May; and Managua, Nicaragua, on 28 September, CIAT is pleased to announce the anniversary celebrations at its headquarters in Cali, Colombia, on 8–9 November.

 We share with you our social media toolkit! We hope you find this useful to help us promote the event through key messages and resources that you can share on your social media channels and related networks.

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Twitter users and hashtags

Main account


Hashtag for the event


Moderators and Panelists

Day 1 (8 November 2017)

María Fernanda Reyes @MariaReyesDiaz
Geoffrey Hawtin @geoffhawtin
Juan Manuel Santos @JuanManSantos / @infopresidencia
Dilian Francisca Toro @DilianFrancisca /  @GobValle
Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría @MinHacienda
Gautier Mignot, @GautierMignot2
Jairo Ortega Samboní @OrtegaSamboni @AlcaldiaPalmira
Juan Lucas Restrepo @jlucasrestrepo
Juan Camilo Restrepo Salazar @RestrepoJCamilo
Cristián Samper @CristianSamper
Julio Berdegué  @JulioBerdegue / @JBerdegueFAO 
Walter Baethgen @baethgen
Elwyn Grainger-Jones @elwyngj
Ana María Loboguerrero @amloboguerrero
Margaret Zeigler @Harvest2050_MZ / @Harvest2050 
Danielle Nierenberg @DaniNierenberg
Mark Lundy @markincolombia 

Day 2 (9 November 2017)

Steven Prager @DrGIScience
Rob Bertram, @AgScienceRob
Andy Jarvis @ajarviscali
Sara Menker @SaraMenker
Mark Lundy @markincolombia
Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla @bonilla_daz
Daniel van Gilst @DvgGilst 
Luis Calzadilla @lcalzadillabc


1-7 November 2017

*We suggest you use the images along with the following tweets.

CIAT celebrates 50 years of agricultural research and impact on development next 8-9 Nov. #CIAT50

On 8-9 November we celebrate with partners, donors and special guests #CIAT50 Anniversary.
CIAT is pleased to announce its celebrations at headquarters on 8–9 November. #CIAT50
Everything ready to celebrate #CIAT50 Anniversary with the incredible people behind CIAT success. #CIAT50

During the event

8 November

9:00 – 9:50

.@geoffhawtin, Chair of CIAT BoT welcomes guests to the celebration of #CIAT50 Anniversary.


9:30 – 10:30

Discussion panel –  Latin America and the Caribbean: a model for agricultural development and sustainable food systems?

[Discussion panel] LAC: A model for agricultural development and sustainable food systems? #CIAT50

.@RestrepoJCamilo, @CristianSamper, @JBerdegueFAO ‏& M. Piñeiro discuss agricultural development in LAC: #CIAT50

CIAT seeks to ensure that the whole planet benefits from the agricultural innovations developed in LAC: #CIAT50

11:10 – 12:10

Celebrating partnerships

On #CIAT50 Anniversary we celebrate partnerships with @France_Colombia @AlcaldiaPalmira and @Corpoica

.@GautierMignot2, @OrtegaSamboni and @jlucasrestrepo celebrate partnerships during #CIAT50 Anniversary.

During #CIAT50 we thank every org. that has supported our efforts since 1967 to build a sustainable food future.

Building a sustainable food Future

14:10 – 14:50

Talk 1: The future of climate change research

On #CIAT50 Anniversary, we discuss the critical roles of #ClimateChange research to build a sustainable food future.

First ‘talk’ during #CIAT50 Anniversary: The future of #ClimateChange research.

.@baethgen, @elwyngj, M. Astralaga & @amloboguerrero talk about the future of #ClimatChange research. #CIAT50

Learn about the work of #CIAT50 on #ClimateChange and the adaptation & mitigation options for rural people.

14:50 – 15:40

Talk 2: Aligning public and private interest to scale up and deliver impact

During #CIAT50 we discuss the engagement of several sectors to build a sustainable food future. #CIAT50

Talk 2 on #CIAT50 Anniversary: Aligning public and private interest to scale up and deliver impact.

G. Graham, M. Ferroni, P. Pardey & J. Hamer seek to align public and private interests to generate & further impact

15:40 – 16:30

Talk 3: How to achieve sustainable food systems

.@Harvest2050_MZ @DaniNierenberg @markincolombia & T.Reardon discuss how to create sustainable #FoodSystems #CIAT50

Talk 3 on #CIAT50 Anniversary: How to achieve sustainable #FoodSystems. #CIAT50

Find out how CIAT refines research approaches to create sustainable #FoodSystems. #CIAT50

#CIAT50 FoodLens initiative seeks to guide food systems towards an equitable & sustainable future.

9  November

09:10 – 10:00

Discussion panel – Social Science at CIAT: building on the past, creating the future

Discussion panel: Social Science at CIAT: building on the past, creating the future. #CIAT50

Lynam, P. Pinstrup, A. Valdés & G. Scobie discuss the beginnings of social sciences at CIAT. #CIAT50

Learn about the “Sustainable Food Systems” paradigm recently endorsed by CIAT. #CIAT50

What’s next for CIAT research

10:40 – 11:20

Talk 1: Does gene editing mean we can cut-and-paste our way to sustainable agriculture?

Talk 1: Does gene editing mean we can cut and paste our way to sustainable agriculture? #CIAT50

How can gene editing help tackling #ClimateChange & boosting food production. #CIAT50

J. Tohme, @AgScienceRob , & E. Trigo discuss gene editing, one fascinating field of biology. #CIAT50

11:20 – 12:00

Talk 2: Soon we’re all going to be eating data, one byte at a time

Talk 2 on #CIAT50 Anniversary: Soon we’re all going to be eating data, one byte at a time. #BigData

.@ajarviscali, @SaraMenker & G. Traxler discuss data and the future of food production. #CIAT50

Get to know the @CGIAR Platform for #BigData in Agriculture. @CGIAR_Data #CIAT50

13:30 – 14:10

Talk 3: Sustainable food systems for the majority

Talk 3: Sustainable food systems for the majority #CIAT50

.@markincolombia & @bonilla_daz discuss the role of smallholder farmers in food systems. #CIAT50

Can we talk about inclusive, climate-resilient, sustainable and healthy food systems? #CIAT50

14:10 – 14:50

Talk 4: Investing in “green infrastructure” will bring more than just environmental returns

Talk 4 on #CIAT50 Anniversary: Investing in “green infrastructure” will bring more than just environmental returns.

Marcela Quintero & @DvgGilst discuss “green infrastructure” at #CIAT50 Anniversary.

#CIAT50 is expanding current work on #EcosystemServices to get a better grasp of its huge potential. 

14:50 – 15:30

Talk 5: Future Seeds

Talk 5 on #CIAT50 Anniversary: Future Seeds

Peter Wenzl & @lcalzadillabc from @UKinColombia discuss the #CIAT50 Future Seeds initiative. 

The future of global food security and crop conservation at #CIAT50 

#DidYouKnow that #CIAT50 holds in trust for humanity the globally largest collections of beans, cassava & forages 

Join the conversation #CIAT50

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