Phenomics Platform

Pheno i

Drone is just a hardware device for plant phenotypers, but when it is linked with the precise and rapid analytics platform and well connected to the plant scientists (user), it jumps to feed the users with valued, useful and actionable data which eventually accelerate genetic gain – Michael Gomez Selvaraj.

Pheno i is a simple web based application to analyses drone and satellite images rapidly and give the decision support to plant breeders and farmers. Using this platform farmers can map the physical features of the farm to evaluate water flow, germination and productivity zones of their farms. Breeders can assess traits quickly such as plant height, canopy cover, biomass, nitrogen use efficiency, resistance to pest and diseases, canopy temperature etc. They have been validated this system to classify rice Hoja Blanca virus with collaboration with FLAR breeders and also using this application for precision agriculture project funded by UK Space Agency.