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Decision and Policy Analysis

Research Area

About research on Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) in CIAT

Supporting Smart Decision Making

Policymakers need solid science to support decision-making but often have limited resources at their disposal. CIAT provides private and public sectors with vital intelligence for analyzing agricultural systems at all levels – from individual farms to entire continents. Through the close involvement of farmers, this work contributes to policies that can boost productivity, efficiency and sustainability, enabling farmers and governments to plan for the future.


Andy Jarvis, Director, Decision and Policy Analysis Area


CIAT will participate in Proficiency Tests from the National Metrology Institute

The Analytical Services Laboratory (LSA, its Spanish initials), which is part of the Agroecosystems and Sustainable Landscapes (ASL) area at CIAT, was listed as eligible for funding to participate in Proficiency Tests carried out by the Colombian National Metrology Institute (INM)… Read more

Decision and Policy Analysis | CIAT Blog Science to Cultivate Change


Making value chains work for food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations in East Africa

This three-year project is using a holistic approach for linking smallholder bean-based production systems in Kenya and Uganda to informal markets for affordable, safe, and nutritious foods.


A scalable scheme to implement data-driven agriculture for small-scale farmers
The Colombian Ministry of Agriculture Colombia, an international research center and a national farmers’ organization developed a data-driven agricultural program that: (i) compiles information from multiple sources; (ii) interprets that data; and (iii) presents the knowledge to farmers through the local advisory services... See More