In 1967, the majority of poor and hungry people in the tropics were smallholder farmers. Increasing the productivity of their crops was therefore the critical entry point for CIAT’s research. Since that time, we have been concerned with nearly every aspect of tropical agriculture: the crop varieties that farmers grow, the production systems they manage, the agricultural landscapes they inhabit, the markets in which they participate and the policies that influence their options and decisions.

CIAT is proud to celebrate 50 years of agricultural research and development impact. Throughout 2017, we will celebrate the amazing people behind CIAT’s achievements, our hundreds of partners around the world, and our donors, without which none of this would be possible.

But we will also look forward at emerging challenges, and renew our commitment to feed the planet, and offer a better deal for both farmers and consumers.

Annual Report – Special 50 Years Anniversary

“50 Years and 50 Wins” is a selection of some of CIAT’s most important achievements.


Forever Pioneers
50 Years Contributing to a Sustainable Food Future… And Counting

Forever Pioneers tells the history of CIAT since its birth in 1967 and builds on these historical foundations to project the future development of the Center.


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The Impacts of CIAT’s Collaborative Research

CIAT scientists have compiled an impressive record of achievements. In the interests of accountability to donors and other stakeholders, and to help guide the Center’s strategic research investments, they have also devoted considerable effort to measure the economic impact of their work. This document reports some of the main impacts of CIAT’s collaborative research, highlights key initiatives whose impacts have yet to be assessed, and describes several new studies and other efforts aimed to strengthen capacity for economic analysis.



#CIATforward series

Our visions of a sustainable food future

CIAT50 logo kit and guidelines


Download the CIAT50 commemorative logo kit here (ZIP). Please make sure you read the guidelines before you use it!

CIAT at 50: Moments and milestones

Building a sustainable food future since 1967

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