Genetic Diversity Conservation and Use

Conservation and use of cacao genetic resources is the foundation for a sustainable cocoa economy, contributing to resilience, productivity and quality.

Global cacao genetic resources

Sustainable use of cacao genetic resources is critical to breed improved and climate-resilient cacao varieties. Through the Global Cacao Genetic Resources Network (CacaoNet), the Alliance, along with partners aims to optimize the conservation and maximize the use of cacao genetic resources as the foundation of a sustainable cocoa economy. 

A Global Strategy for the Conservation and Use of Cacao Genetic Resources, as the Foundation for a Sustainable Cocoa Economy


Framework for Cacao Evaluation

The collaborative framework for cacao evaluation on climate change (CFCE-CC) uses an integrated approach to improve yield efficiency and resilience through climate change by better using cacao genetic resources. The Cocoa Target project uses the triadic comparison of technology options (tricot) to crowdsource feedback from farmers to evaluate suitable technologies and tools for local conditions, improving agro-ecological and climatic accuracy of cacao planting material recommendations and local access and delivery to farms. 

A review of research on the effects of drought and temperature stress and increased CO2 on Theobroma cacao L., and the role of genetic diversity to address climate change


The tricot citizen science approach applied to on-farm variety evaluation: methodological progress and perspectives