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Asia Climate Policy Hub

Climate Policy Hub: providing comprehensive climate policy and economic analysis grounded on scientific research expertise on tropical agriculture

The Climate Policy Hub (CPH) engages in climate action from analyzing the situation, to developing policy strategies, and all the way to implementation and monitoring.

As the interface between CIAT’s scientific output on climate change and multi-level decision-making processes for agriculture, the CPH effectively links research and application, and scientists and policymakers, towards thoughtful and practical implementation of climate strategies.

A center for climate economic and policy analysis, the CPH hosts a core group of researchers and works with others from various disciplines – economics, political economy, geo-spatial analysis, entomology, agronomy, soil and landscape science – to collectively think of and offer solutions from multiple perspectives.

Working at different levels of decision-making processes, the CPH syncs tools and knowledge with the needs of organizations and institutions it serves.

Through its three main interlinked approaches (think, link, and sync) the CPH intends to enable innovative partnerships and fill the gap in research necessary to promptly unlock investments from public and private sectors in Asia to support sustainable agriculture and food systems.

The Climate Policy Hub informs and guides policy action from understanding the context up to implementation and monitoring outcomes

To do this, we use the following tools and processes:

Climate Policy Hub Knowledge Products Application

The Climate Policy Hub supports policy and decision-making processes in various national and international mechanisms. With a keen understanding of policy development, it provides the right information in effective format to the right people at the right time.

Core experts 

Godefroy Grosjean, PhD
Leader, Climate Policy Hub

Tiffany Talsma
Climate Strategy

Felicitas Röhrig
CSA (Climate-Smart Agriculture) Country Profiles / Economic and Policy Analysis

Le Lan
Cost–Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Thi Tam Ninh Nguyen
Economic and Policy Analysis

Rowell Dikitanan
Economic and Policy Analysis

Duy Nhiem Nguyen
Carbon Assessment

Maureen Gregorio
Research Assistant

Contributing experts

Peter Läderach
Leader, Climate Change

Pablo Imbach
Climate Change and Ecosystems

Louis Reymondin
Leader, Terra-i

Dharani Burra
Data Science

Stef De Haan
Agrobiodiversity and Food Systems

Sabine Douxchamps
Forages and Crop-livestock systems

Didier Lesueur
Soil microbiology


Koos Neefjes
Michael Sheinkman
Imelda Bacudo