Asia Climate Policy Hub

Asia Climate Policy Hub: facilitating scaling of climate-smart agriculture through evidence-based policy and strategic implementation

The agriculture sector is highly exposed to challenges caused by climate change. Worldwide, governments are facing the task of meeting the commitments made at the Paris Agreement, i.e. limiting global warming to below 2°C by drastically reducing global emissions by 2050, while simultaneously having to shield the agriculture sector from impacts of climate change so that it can continue feeding a growing population with changing diets. Effectively addressing these goals requires a major refocusing of national and international agricultural policies, as well as the active involvement of multiple players such as donors, policymakers, and businesses. The complexity of the task at hand requires multi-disciplinary guidance for long-term planning.

CIAT’s Climate Policy Hub in Asia provides comprehensive climate policy and economic analysis and implementation guidance, including insights into how the climate action could be financed.


The Climate Policy Hub (CPH) engages with governments, businesses, development organizations, financing institutions, and others involved in climate action.

CPH is/does –

A LINK between research and application, and between scientists and policymakers

A center for economic and policy analysis to THINK about the challenges and solutions towards effective climate action

Ensure that decision-support tools and knowledge are in SYNC with the needs of organizations and institutions

The Climate Policy Hub facilitates complete understanding of the context up to implementation of action

The Climate Policy Hub has developed tools and methodologies to help governments, businesses, development organizations, financing institutions, and others, design the most effective, cost-efficient, and financially feasible, climate strategy.

I. Stocktaking and understanding the context II. Prioritizing interventions III. Supporting piloting 

IV. Informing policy, investment, and implementation

·        Climate-smart agriculture country profiles

·        Climate-smart agriculture sub-national profiles

·        Climate risks vulnerability assessment

·     Cost-Benefit Analysis

·     Marginal Abatement Cost Curves Analysis


·         Support to climate-smart village implementation


·        Climate-smart investment planning

·        Agricultural risks management


Climate Policy Hub Knowledge Products Application

The Climate Policy Hub supports policy and decision-making processes in various national and international mechanisms. With a keen understanding of policy development, it provides the right information in effective format to the right people at the right time.

Core experts 

Godefroy Grosjean, PhD
Leader, Climate Policy Hub

Tiffany Talsma
Climate Strategy

James Giles
CSA (Climate-Smart Agriculture) Country Profiles / Economic and Policy Analysis

Sekou Traore
CBA (Cost-Benefit) Analysis

Thi Tam Ninh Nguyen
Economic and Policy Analysis

Paula Macandog
Economic and Policy Analysis

Duy Nhiem Nguyen
Carbon Assessment


Contributing experts

Peter Läderach
Leader, Climate Change

Pablo Imbach
Climate Change and Ecosystems

Louis Reymondin
Leader, Terra-i

Dharani Burra
Data Science

Stef De Haan
Agrobiodiversity and Food Systems

Sabine Douxchamps
Forages and Crop-livestock systems

Didier Lesueur
Soil microbiology


Koos Neefjes
Michael Sheinkman
Imelda Bacudo