Phenomics Platform



Worldwide, banana production is affected by numerous diseases and pests. Around the world efforts are underway to develop a resistant export banana varieties, as well as research into just-in-time crop disease detection. However, the banana remains under-researched compared with the major crops in terms of digitalization. In this multidisciplinary research programme, we propose the integrative AI solution called Banana- AI, which consists robust machine will be made in partnership with Bioversity International (Africa) . The Algorithm for assaying works with both Machine and Mobile phones, and comes as a boon for millions of small holder farmers.


CIAT scientists innovate using GPR technology

Cassava Root Phenomics Project- NSF grant: BREAD PHENO: High throughput phenotyping early stage root bulking in cassava using ground penetrating radar funded NSF –BREAD, USA, 2017 – 2019. At CIAT end, We are conducting & developing protocols for above and below ground phenotyping using remote sensing technology.


More cassava for less time

Cassava storage root phenotyping-BBSRC-GCRF: Screening of novel root traits for adaptation to nutrient deprivation in root crops”, under BBSRC- GCRF funds ( 2017 -2019). This project, a partnership with Dr. Tony Pridmore University of Nottingham ( and the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Colombia, will develop the low-cost imaging and image analysis methods needed to recover quantitative 3D descriptions of cassava roots grown in an aeroponic environment. The complete system will be designed to allow easy replication throughout low and middle-income countries (LMICs), and will enable traits such as root volume to be measured and monitored.


CIAT turns to space technology for monitoring crop performance

Ecopromis- UK SPACE Agency funded project : The project creates a Management Information System that will be used in oil palm and rice to help farmers adapt to climate change, reduce GHG emissions while improving productivity and profitability. Basic crop knowledge will be freely available through a web interface for the growers while Agricompas Inc. will provide commercial decision support to larger growers, processors, traders, financials and the government. This will create a sustainable income to sustain continued development and delivery of knowledge and decision support tools once the project has finished. 2018-2021, Country Lead, Colombia.


Field Drought phenotyping Project: Development of abiotic stress tolerant crops by DREB genes funded by MAFF, Japan, Phase II 2012-2018 As a crop physiologist in this project, conducting multi-location transgenic field trials and developing standard operating procedure to phenotype transgenic lines carrying DREB genes to enhance drought.



Phenomics Project in rice: Applying remote sensing tools for high-throughput phenotyping in rice to screening water and nitrogen use efficient rice varieties. Close Collaboration University of Tokyo & Texas A&M university to develop low cost high-throughput phenotyping tools funded by MOFA, SATREPS, JICA-JST, Borlaug research grand & CGIAR-US university linkage funding from USAID, 2016-2017.


NEWEST (nitrogen use efficient, water use efficient, and salt-tolerant)-USAID Project: project funded by USAID under Feed the Future initiative, 2014-2019. At CIAT, We are conducting & developing SOP for Transgenic field trials at Colombia and transfer protocols to other phenotyping team in Ghana, Nigeria & Uganda.