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The Challenge

The accelerated loss of forest vegetation results in dramatic changes to the way land is used, causing serious damage to biodiversity and water supply, and the regulation of greenhouse gases and other ecosystem services. Yet, in many parts of the world there is insufficient information available to monitor, report, and verify forest change. Decision makers urgently need accurate and current information about the loss of forest cover to mitigate these negative effects and better understand their impact on local ecosystems.

CIAT’s Role

CIAT developed Terra-i, a free and robust platform to monitor forest conservation, in an effort to contribute towards forest conservation. Terra-i helps users see the status of natural forest vegetation in near real time and supports actions to conserve forests. It detects land-cover changes across all of Latin America and provides updates with completely new images every 16 days.

What has changed?

Use of Terra-i has spread in Latin America and is now being implemented across the tropics. Policy makers such as the Peruvian Ministry of Environment (MINAM) have adopted the tool as its official early alert system. Additionally, Terra-i was integrated within major web platforms, such as Global Forest Watch which is convened by the World Resources Institute (WRI), contributing data on forest changes to this worldwide initiative.


Louis Reymondin

Louis Reymondin

Monitoring System Specialist

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