Impact Assessments

CIAT has a long tradition of documenting development outcomes and impacts associated to its contribution to developing innovative solutions to important challenges in Tropical Agriculture. With an increasing demand from donors, research and development partners, and policy makers of credible and relevant evidence of CIAT research outcomes and impacts, the organization has rebuilt its capacity to respond to this challenge. Impact and development outcome assessment is the core activity of The Applied Economics Lab, which hosts a group of researchers under the Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) research area. The Lab specializes in various econometric and statistical methods, and impact research methodologies in order to implement a variety of rigorous quantitative and qualitative data analysis.


The Applied Economics Lab highlights the importance of keeping up to date with new information, tools and analytical methods that facilitate a sound documentation of CIAT and its partners’ research outcomes and impacts. By implementing a variety of research activities the team contributes to better understanding the enabling environment for generating the maximum benefits for farmers and communities as a result of agricultural innovations. One of the main outputs to the broader CIAT community is to provide inputs for a research prioritization and to support fundraising efforts that require evidence of the outcomes and impacts that CIAT research generates.


Ricardo Labarta,