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Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chain Analyses in Indonesia

Date: 03/2017 to 06/2017
Location: Indonesia

IFAD’s objective is to increase smallholder income through more productive links of smallholders with markets. In addition, they are looking at how to make these value chains also work to improve nutrition, principally through the improvement of diet quality. Essentially, this means developing value chains for nutritious foods (crops, livestock or small animals, or fish) in ways that contribute to raising incomes of project beneficiaries, but that also improve their nutrition.

The project will focus on the work needed to support nutrition-sensitive chain analyses. The study will carry out more in-depth analyses for a subnet of commodities identified as having potential market demand. It is expected to look at value chain development for two groups of commodities: fruits and vegetables. For fruits, the project will analyze the development of value chains for mango, papaya, and banana, and for vegetables the project will analyze the development of value chain for carrots, spinach, and tomatoes.

Main objectives

  1. Identify the main issues, including context, challenges, and opportunities, that need to be considered when developing a nutrition-sensitive value chain for the selected commodities.
  2. Identify potential intervention options for a NSVC project to invest in.
  3. Develop and test innovative approaches, methodologies, and tools for undertaking NSVC analyses.
  4. Document and learn from the approaches, methodologies, and tools used to carry out the study.
  5. Identify knowledge gaps and areas for further research.


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