AGORA: Acting together now for pro-poor strategies against soil and land degradation

Date: 02/2014 to 01/2017
Location: Malawi, Tanzania, United Republic of

By sustaining the long-term productivity of the targeted landscapes, the project aims to improve the lives of the rural poor by mitigating or reversing land degradation, which threatens their livelihoods and the underlying natural resource base they depend on.

The objectives are to:

  1. Enable land and natural resource users to apply validated sustainable land management (SLM) strategies produced through multi-stakeholder platforms (MSPs).
  2. Promote and establish a process by which poor and other marginalized groups are empowered to work together with decision-makers and other stakeholders to design more equitable solutions to land degradation and development problems.
  3. Provide evidence to decision-makers and facilitate its use to make better informed decisions.

The outputs settled in this project are:

  1. Implementation pathways of SLM strategies identified that take into account the complex social, economic, and political contexts.
  2. Improved land and soil management strategies validated that serve vulnerable groups and that take into account climate change and identified implementation pathways.
  3. Multi-stakeholder platforms designed, implemented and used to i) develop future scenarios for landscapes, ii) integrate biophysical modeling with local understanding, and iii) identify governance scenarios for addressing challenges to sustainable landscape management.
  4. Economic assessment of ecosystem services at the household and landscape scale.
  5. A suite of diagnostic/analytical and participatory tools developed, tested and refined for deploying transdisciplinary research on SLM.

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