Scientist at the Alliance Bioversity International & CIAT  



Louis Reymondin is an expert in developing software that harness the power of Machine Learning to make sense of Big Earth Data. Louis co-leads the Digital transformation of the agri food systems research theme for the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT. He did his undergraduate in software development at University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and followed a PhD program in Geography at King’s College London. Louis’ PhD research focused on the development and implementation of Terra-i: an early warning system to monitor changes in habitat throughout the tropic.


Terra-i: an early warning system to monitor changes in habitat throughout the tropic.

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As co-leader Louis co-leads the Digital transformation of the agri food systems research theme for the Alliance, Louis’ main interest are researches involving the use of artificial intelligence and data mining to better understand the dynamics of human activities and the environment such as Terra-i, a near real time monitoring system of deforestation.