Sticky: Pathways to rural prosperity: reflections on the 2016 Science Forum


The 2016 Science Forum in Addis Ababa brought together scientists internal and external to CGIAR to rethink the pathways for agricultural research to promote rural prosperity.

Sticky: Chocolate meltdown: feeling the heat


That melt-in-your-mouth chocolate egg you savored this Easter might face a different kind of meltdown in future, researchers warn.

Sticky: New Climate-Smart Village in Vietnam tackling climate change in agriculture


On Wednesday, February 24th, a project will be launched in Ma village, in Vietnam’s northern Yen Bai District, as part of a region-wide initiative to tackle climate change in agriculture. The Climate-Smart Village of Ma is one of two climate-smart villages in Vietnam, chosen due to its vulnerability to specific climate challenges in the region including drought, cold snaps and declining soil fertility.