CIAT Annual Report 2018


Publishing our collaborative research

CIAT remains committed to sharing research outputs, data, tools, and information resources under its open-access policy. In 2018, its collaborative research with partners delivered 171 articles published in international refereed journals, of which 85% are open access.

All our publications are available on CGspace – CGIAR’s repository of agricultural research outputs. Here’s our top 5 of 2018 publications:

Wood et al. 2018. Distilling the role of ecosystem services in the Sustainable Development Goals. Ecosystem Services 29:70–82.

Karp et al. 2018. Crop pests and predators exhibit inconsistent responses to surrounding landscape composition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115(33):E7863–E7870.

Imbach et al. 2018. Future climate change scenarios in Central America at high spatial resolution. PLoS One 13(4):e0193570.

Khoury et al. 2018. Comprehensiveness of conservation of useful wild plants: An operational indicator for biodiversity and sustainable development targets. Ecological Indicators 98:420–429.

Bünemann et al. 2018. Soil quality – A critical review. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 120:105–125.

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