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Rajasekharan, Maya

Position: Head, Program Coordination
Coordination Program, Management Team
Country of Citizenship: India
Country where located: Colombia
More About: 

Member of the CIAT Senior Leadership team and provides critical strategic and operational support to the Director General across a range of functions – internal management, strategy development and implementation – ensuring follow-through, prioritization, and effective coordination of CIAT’s global research in CGIAR Research Programs. Lead cross functional teams on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Data, Information and Knowledge Management and integration efforts between different research groups.  Prior to joining CIAT, Maya provided coordination and management support to a diverse portfolio of projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia and Latin America on the theme of sustainable water and land management in river basins under the Basin Focal Projects (BFPs) of the Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF).  Working in India, Maya led projects enhancing cooperation and exchange of information for biodiversity conservation and dissemination of data in the public domain.  Maya published scientific articles in marine ecology, fisheries management, scaling up and knowledge management.  Maya is fluent in English, Malayalam and Tamil and proficient in Spanish. Maya holds a Ph.D. from University College Dublin, Ireland.