Araba, Debisi

Position: Regional Director for Africa
Regional Coordination–Africa
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Country where located: Kenya
More About: 

Dr. Araba has experience as a senior manager in the African Policy Engagement group to the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Program (CCAFS), a PhD. in Waste Management from Imperial College London and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, he brings much insight to this role.

By leveraging CIAT’s global expertise, Dr. Araba intends to position CIAT as a global leader in agricultural data analytics, pioneering the importance of technology to transform climate services for the agriculture sector, and continuing to strengthen partnerships.

Dr. Araba will pioneer CIAT’s portfolio in Africa focused on four key areas, including climate-smart agriculture, building ecosystems action, sustainable food systems, and analyzing big data.

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