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New photo-film: mapping soil diversity in Tanzania

The second photo-film of a two-part series, “The Ground Beneath Your Feet,” is launched this week during Global Soil Week, where CIAT is highlighting the importance of soil, debating the latest science and technology as well as methods for preserving this vital natural resource. In Lushoto, Tanzania, a cluster of CCAFS climate-smart villages nestle in the stunning Eastern Arc>

Scaling up – TV helps farmers shape up soils in East Africa

There are a lot of big facts about soil knocking around this year – on account of it being the International Year of Soils. These are great for mobilising much-needed global interest and action in efforts to protect this finite resource on which our lives depend (even the White House posted>

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Farmers single out indicators for adopting climate-smart agriculture

“Our soils are very good!” reiterated participants in five participatory workshops conducted in Nwoya district, Northern Uganda. These workshops were organized by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in April 2015. The aim was understand the criteria farmers use to prioritize agricultural practices; develop a prioritized list of Climate-Smart>

Collaborative initiative to outscale climate-smart agriculture

“Stakeholders coming together can achieve more impact” So was the message from 54 participants at a workshop aimed at sharing experiences about different approaches to outscaling climate smart agriculture (CSA) using prioritization tools. “There are a lot of people, national institutes and international organizations working with farmers in Africa. Many>

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